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Love Thursday: The Everyday Routine Kinda Love

The Everyday Routine Kinda Love

I know what today is. And yes, I got FireDad a card. FireDad got me a card. We got the boys some cards. And BigBrother got a book that I meant to give to him last Valentine’s Day but forgot about because I have an awesome gift hiding place. I’m making pancakes. And we have a heart themed craft today. But our photo on Love Thursday? Isn’t about hearts. And chocolate. Or flowers. Or anything like that.

Because this little moment happened just last night.

As we’ve been working on finding an appropriate night time routine for BigBrother to help beat the bedtime battles, we’ve added in an extra long reading session as our last stop on the evening’s events. We’ve always been big book people. We’ve always read books at night. But now we make sure that we’ve done everything else (cleaned up the toys, had a bath, brushed teeth, pajammafied and so on) before we all climb into BigBrother’s toddler sized bed and read some books. Sometimes LittleBrother is sleeping in his own bed during this process. Sometimes he’s awake and hanging out with us. Last night he was sick (yeah, LittleBrother caught it all and now has the croup) and so he was strapped to my chest in (one of) the Mei Tai(s) and enjoying the night time routine with us.

It’s moments like these that fill me with love. I mean, bedtime battles really aren’t great. But last night wasn’t a battle. It was a surprising joy. I love having both of my boys with me as I share my love for books. (In fact, that book we’re reading? Was mine. Totally has my maiden name written in my Mom’s handwriting on the front title page.) I love relaxing as best you can in a toddler bed with two other kids. I love having them THISCLOSE to my being. I love these moments.

I don’t need a special day to tell my family that they are special. I don’t need a special day to show or share my love. I do it, to the best of my ability, on a daily basis. These moments together are what love is about. That everyday, routine kinda love is what it’s all about.

You can keep your chocolates. (I’m not a chocolate fan anyway.) Gimme my boys and a book and we’re golden. Oh, and the Husband, too. (He’s behind the camera on this shot because he loves me enough to capture some of these moments for me. Bless him!)

Love Thursday is back! Join in the loving feeling. Oh, and, okay. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hey Firemom,

This is kind of OT, but can you reccomend a Mei Tai? I have checked the site I thought you used, and it appears to not have been updated in a while. So, I wasn’t sure if it was the wrong site or if she quit making them. I really want to get one, but I want one that is good quality!

Thanks! (Oh, and adorable picture!!!)

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