Love Thursday: Interaction

Kisses from BigBrother

I worried how BigBrother would receive LittleBrother. It’s asking an awful lot of a two year old to give up the sole attention of his Mommy and Daddy. We knew that going into the process of trying to conceive another one so soon. But we wanted them close together. And close together they are, being two years and one week (almost to the minute) apart. Things went well in the hospital but we were mostly worried about after the hospital. You know, when we brought the baby home for good.

BigBrother adjusted almost immediately. He liked helping me get diapers. He would occasionally run over and give kisses. If I came into the room after putting LittleBrother down in the crib, he was ask where I had put him. Kisses had to be given before bed. And sometimes he was the first thing asked for upon waking up. Just a week or so ago, he finally asked to hold him for the first time. As if it had never occurred to him that he could actually do such a thing. He doesn’t ask all the time now, maybe about once a day, but it’s still cool to see him interested in holding him.


In the evenings, we play on the floor. I love these times together. Mostly BigBrother is in a good mood and, if he’s just eaten and hasn’t decided he’s starving just yet, so is LittleBrother. (He cluster feeds in the evenings.) This particular evening, BigBrother was feeling very loving. He was giving kisses, taking pictures with his own little play camera and generally just being all around pleasant. Especially considering that he’s only two. I love seeing these two interact, even in the very few ways that a two month old can interact with a two year old. We wanted our kids close together for many reasons, some of them based on our needs and some of them based on what we wanted for our kids.

And this picture? That’s what we wanted for them. (And us too…)

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Potty Books?

I’m making my way (quickly!) through The No-Cry Potty Training Solution (for BigBrother, obviously). While we’ve got a lot of stuff in line for actual potty training/learning, we only have one book about potties written for toddlers. So, Mamas & Papas who have been there, done this, what books would you suggest that your toddler enjoyed? TNCPTS suggests having more than one or two. So, spam me, friends! You know I love me some books and so does that BigBrother! And I have a payday just around the corner! Whatcha got?