Potty Books?

I’m making my way (quickly!) through The No-Cry Potty Training Solution (for BigBrother, obviously). While we’ve got a lot of stuff in line for actual potty training/learning, we only have one book about potties written for toddlers. So, Mamas & Papas who have been there, done this, what books would you suggest that your toddler enjoyed? TNCPTS suggests having more than one or two. So, spam me, friends! You know I love me some books and so does that BigBrother! And I have a payday just around the corner! Whatcha got?


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  1. We are in the same boat as you here. But what is really working well with our daughter is a DVD my MIL got her. It is called “Potty Power.” She just loves it. It teaches kids how to wipe, flush, and wash hands afterwards. I just love it, though I wish that it were longer (27 mins). But it really does work. We have watched the DVD (15-20 times already), I’d say we’ve been 65-70% successful. Hopefully it will continue. I definitely am looking for some suggestions on books too since we only have one, and it really isn’t helpful at all. Oh and my daughter is 28 months old.


  2. This is what we used (and it worked well…)


    That and telling him to sink cheerios in the potty… or to see who could pee the fastest (pee races)… or to see who could make the most foam.

    This only worked with my son… my daughter? NOTHING worked… in fact, I’m surprised she’s trained at all… :D

    Good luck!

    Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity’s last blog post..For She Speaks? I speak…

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