Poop. My Life is All About Poop.

I’m not kidding. My life has been reduced to poop. Not in emotional aspects. We’re doing fine in that aspect. But literally, we’re just consumed in poop issues in the FireFamily home as of late. We don’t make it a day without discussing poop in some form or fashion. I’m pooped. And apparently a funny lady.

You see, as a breastfeeding Mama, my job is to count poop-filled diapers in order to make sure that LittleBrother is eating enough. This is made easier by the fact that we cloth diaper. Because, as my brain is on fifty different poop related topics during the day, it will turn evening and I will realize, “Oh! Poop! I forgot to count poop-filled diapers!” Then I take our trusty hanging pail downstairs and start tossing diapers in the washing machine. One, two, three, four… okay! We’re good!

But it doesn’t end there. No. Not at all.

BigBrother is moving towards more potty training/learning. We’ve been stalled for awhile. It was partially suggested by our pediatrician to skip training over the holidays because the changes in routine (what routine, by the way?) and location are hard for someone learning to follow body cues. And, well, we couldn’t have done it during that time anyway because BigBrother has been on a potty strike. We’re not quite sure why. But if you even mention sitting on the “big potty,” well, he freaks out. Forget actually going in the potty.

But he’s got all the readiness cues. I bought The No Cry Potty Training Solution as it was recommended by some others and I was basically clueless as to how to proceed. The nice checklist at the beginning of the book places BigBrother in the ready category. He can put on his own pants. He likes to wash his hands. He knows what we, referring to FireMom and FireDad, do on the potty. He knows the proper words for actions. And he runs and hides when he is pooping. So, he’s ready. But he’s just not doing it. (I haven’t got to that part of the book yet. It just arrived the other day.)

And he now knows what poop feels like. In his hand. Mmhmm.


I darted downstairs yesterday morning to throw in some diaper laundry. (See? More poop!) BigBrother was lounging on LittleBrother’s Boppy, taking advantage of his solo-time in the morning. When I came back upstairs, I was about to round the corner and head down the hall when I noticed it. His hand. With something really dark all over his fingers. I knew, in an instant, what it was but I really wanted it to be something else. I got closer and said, “What is on your hand?”



So, as I washed his hands, I explained the importance of not touching our poop with our hands because it is dirty. I did so in a remarkably calm manner even though my head was screaming, “OMGPOOP!” I stayed calm because I don’t need this kid to be even more freaked out about poop and toilet related stuff. He didn’t seem too phased. But he didn’t reach in and grab any other poops during the day. So maybe the message worked.

But it was then that I realized that, oh yeah, I’d like to be done with poop issues sooner than later and, yeah, my friends can continue having kids. I’ll just pass them back when their diapers need changing. Good grief.

All that said, I need to finish the book but, well, any ideas for a child who has all of the readiness signs for potty training but a lack of desire to actually sit and do the deeds? Obviously, we’re still on the early end of the scale but this is just one issue of parenting that leaves me stumped.



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5 Replies to “Poop. My Life is All About Poop.”

  1. My son showed no interest at 2.5 or 3. By 3.5 I was desperate. I had tried letting him wet/soil himself to no avail. A friend recommended a book: Toilet Training Without Tears…it was a miracle.

    One of the chapters suggested after my son had an accident that I should have him “practice” running to the potty from each room on that floor. It worked as he would run to he potty from the kitchen, the family room, etc. It got him used to getting to the bathroom on time.

    Then, I added the twist of buying an extremely coveted toy…Diego’s rescue truck with assorted animals. I placed this toy in its box on the top of the bathroom cabinet up high where he could see it, but not reach it. I talked to him about it. I told him he could have one of the toys each time he pooped on the potty. By that time he was peeing, but was stalled on the poop. It took a couple of days but he started pooping and got each of the toys as a reward. Once the toys were gone he was done and there were no more rewards given.

    Thankfully he was able to start preschool the next month. Nothing like leaving everything until the last minute!

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