How Long Before This Groove Changes?

OMGMA! Get Him OFF OF ME!We’re in an interesting and workable groove over here at the FireHouse. I wrote before about how I was getting used to parenting two. I’m continuing to slip into the role, taking on the Overtired Mother of Two role quite well. I’ve started making actual dinners instead of heating up a frozen pizza. I’m mostly caught up on laundry, diaper and clothing alike. I’ve started making it to Wednesday night Bible Study as well instead of just Sunday morning service. And the morning groove we’ve hit is working for me.

It’s going to change now that I wrote that, isn’t it?

You see, it’s just nice. BigBrother is waking up sometime in the early seven o’clock hour. Sure, that’s rather early after a night of feeding and cuddling and otherwise parenting into the early morning hours with LittleBrother. But you can’t explain that to a two year old. So, you roll out of bed, fumble for your glasses on the nightstand, throw on your robe and start your day. BigBrother and I mosy out to the living area. He settles in with books and toys while I get his milk and waffle. He eats and plays while I work. For about two hours.

That’s right. Two hours.

LittleBrother has been sleeping well into the nine o’clock hour for about four days now. That gives me enough time to do my editing work and write one article and, apparently, a blog over here as well. Also? I can have a cup of coffee (or two) and my yogurt without holding a baby as well. If I didn’t desperately need to use that time to get work done, I’d probably also shower. But showering is overrated when you have kids, dontcha know? They’re just going to spit up on you. Or, if you have a night like we had the other night, pee on you. And I’m not talking LittleBrother either. (Apparently our evening groove needs some work.)

I did nothing to create this, let me tell you. I’m just taking full advantage of what has been going on. I know that infants change their sleep patterns more than toddlers change diapers so I’m awaiting yet another change. Of course, now that he’s officially two months (and one day) old, wouldn’t it be nice if the next change was sleeping through the night? BigBrother did. And yet, when I look at the two of them, I know that LittleBrother is cutting his own path through life. I’m thinking that sleeping through the night is totally not important to him right now. And that’s okay. I work in my robe.

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Your post gives me hope! My son is now four weeks old (and my daughter turns three in March). We certainly haven’t found our groove yet but your post gives me hope that we will by the time my son is two months. And, that had better happen because that’s the week I return to work (like you, I work from home in my robe!). I’m glad things are going so well for you!

It’s amazing how quickly I’ve forgotten about those sleepless nights…they seem never ending…and that crazy eyes burning exhaustion. That’s what scares me about having a second…at least with the first, you have the chance to sleep when the baby sleeps. Hang in there! It seems like you’re doing great with parenting two. And soon, Little Brother will be sleeping through the night.

Jamie’s last blog post..Documenting The Days

Oh, the baby days.

Kelsey and Donovan have gotten to the stage where their favorite activity is driving the other one as crazy as possible, with bonus points for driving Me crazy in the process.

I would just say that breastfed babies rarely sleep through the night at 2 months if they are exclusively breastfed.

Also, if you plan to continue bfing, be careful of trying to drop weight too aggressively as it can hurt milk supply….

Good luck!

Willa; he slept through the night on Saturday night (seven hours) and last night (eight hours). I have good sleepers.

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