Tell Me How You Really Feel. In Morse Code.

I’m amused. In case you have to buy a present for someone you don’t really like, consider this one. Of course, it’s awfully pretty and there are other (read: nicer) messages as well. But that one gave me a chuckle.

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Yeah, watch out for that price though. Eesh. That said, pfft the sign language assumption from your MIL. BigBrother did the sign thing and he’s quite verbal now. Overly verbal at times. (read: he doesn’t shut up!) But my favorite? Is when he randomly incorporates sign with his words now. When he asks for more (something) and he’s REALLY emphatic about it? He signs it while saying it. And I melt. I(we, cause FireDad helped, too) did that! I taught him something! WOOHOO!

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