Resolving to Read… and Maybe Something Else, too!

I suppose I should talk about my resolutions for this New Year. I have a few, though I won’t tell you all of them for fear of complete failure and, as such, complete embarrassment. Instead, I’ll bring you up to date one of my public resolutions from last year which will also carry over into this year.

But it involves minor embarrassment.

You see, I didn’t quite meet my goal for last year’s resolution. I wanted to read fifty books. I really, really wanted to read fifty books. And, to be honest, it’s not like I had an uneventful, sit-back-and-read kind of year. I had a complicated pregnancy, a crazy toddler and the birth of the baby that is currently strapped to my chest as I sit here, writing about reading instead of reading. I got close. In fact, I got really, really close. How close?

How about forty-eight (and a half!) out of fifty?! How’s that for close?

And that’s what is embarrassing, really. I was thisclose to my goal. And fell just short. If I would have read two books in December (or, ya know, anything more than Christmas cards), I would have made my goal. I would have felt uber-accomplished. I would have succeeded! Instead, I feel so close, yet so far away, which I do sing every time I think about it.

Though I would like to take this short paragraph to say: If you counted the bagillion children’s books I read to BigBrother this year, I’d be closer to 300 than stuck at forty-eight-and-a-half. But, alas, I didn’t count those. Boo.

And so, this year, I’m subjecting myself to the same goal. Fifty books. Five-oh. Do I feel relatively insane setting such a lofty goal with BigBrother deep in the midst of the Terrible Two’s and LittleBrother being new, needy and most often attached to my breast? Yes, I do feel relatively insane considering those things even without the lofty goal so why not just throw the lofty goal in for good measure? To be honest, I don’t want to use The Boys as an excuse not to read. I want to push myself a little harder. Because, really? Even though I didn’t quite meet my 2007 book goal, I still read more books than the majority of Americans did this past year. And, well, really? I enjoyed myself (except for a few duds). It was great to get back to reading in the way that I used to before college ruined my zeal for books.

And enjoying myself is something I should strive to do in the middle of the insanity that is two boys!

And so, if you’d like to keep up with my 2008 reading goal, feel free to add me as a friend on GoodReads. If you don’t want to be my friend (boo!) but want to check up on my progress, you can look at my 2008 completed books list. Right now? It’s empty. (Gimme a break. It’s January 2nd! And I was snowed in at my parents’ until this morning!) Though I am three-quarters of the way finished with The Middle Place. (My review for that will be coming next week.)

Here’s to five-oh in oh-eight!

Now the question is: do I take my postpartum pregnancy weight loss public on the blog? Leave your comments here for-or-against whether or not I should document my weight loss. It will be slow going as I’m breastfeeding LittleBrother and do not plan on “dieting” in the traditional sense. Let me know if you, my readers, would be interested in following (words and pictures) my last post-baby weight loss ever. It’s my “other” New Year resolution… one I planned on keeping more private but figured it might go ahead and keep me on track if I went public.

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I think 48 books (not counting kid’s books) is pretty darn good! You should be proud. And I am proud of you for shooting for another 50 this year. YAY! I am looking forward to trying to keep up with you. I say don’t worry about the weight.

Embarrassed? 48 books TOTALLY KICKS MY ARSE. I read four. No, ummm…I should explain that I am in the MIDDLE OF FOUR BOOKS. I did not finish them. One of them is the last HP book and I read two chapters the day it came out and…there it sits gathering dust. Life happens and I didn’t finishh any of them. Oh well.
I’m impressed. Oh, and the post baby weight thingy? Post it if you think it would help you and others. I happily gained 60 lbs (but wasn’t so happy after the baby was born!) and by keeping track with friends I got good and healthy again within the first year.
Happy New Year!

Love the new blog name. So catchy.

I have a techie question for you. How do you show your Flickr badge on the sidebar without it actually linking to your Flickr photo page? I’m interested…especially with the recent Flickr uproar. I think everyone is being a little more Internet safe.

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate the tip.

I will add you over on Goodreads as soon as I work out the quirks over there.

And I would be interested in reading about your weight loss. Don’t be selfconscious about it – think of it as your own personal “Shape of a mother”. Not that you need to show us your tatas (lol) but that you are claiming your body as something that you are proud of, even with it’s imperfections. Yes, we would all love to have the 17 year old verison of our bodies, but wanting to change is not the same as being ashamed of who we are today, ya know?

Also, your comment box is making it hard to edit myself, ha.

I think that 50 books is an awesome goal! I hadn’t ever heard of Goodreads as I don’t get around to as many sites as I would like to, but I’m gonna check it out.

I love love love books and you’ve got me thinking about setting a similar goal for myself. Not sure if I’m brave enough to set it for 50 though! We’ll see!

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