A New Year

A new year and a fresh start.

It’s like the reasoning behind those New Year resolutions that some hate to make but others, like me, live for: you get a clean slate. Even if you didn’t finish all of your resolutions from last year, even if you failed miserably, you get that chance to start anew. You can make a new list of things to accomplish and you can get to work on them right away. It’s also one reason why I dig snow as much as I do: it makes everything all fresh and clean.

And here we are. Fresh and clean. We’re still us, of course. You’ll still see our faces. After all, I am a Pseudo-Photographer! But we’ll be referring to each other as FireMom, FireDad, BigBrother and LittleBrother. People will get nicknames along the way. If you know our names, I ask you to refer from using them in the comments. While I’m not totally anonymous on here as I have links to my other blogs, I’d just prefer to do it this way. As I said, it’s a new year. A new slate. A new way of doing things.


All that said, please leave a comment with your blog link if you would like to be linked. I’ve refrained from setting up my blogroll as of yet because I didn’t want to out our fabulous new blog name via pingbacks. (It is rather catchy, no?) We’ve got ourselves set up with a whole page dedicated to a blogroll, so I don’t care if we’ve never commented back and forth before! Let’s link up! That said, feel free to add us and/or update your blogrolls with our new address on the web.

Starting tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of stuff to start blogging about that I’ve been keeping to myself as we made this transition. I didn’t want to spout something amazing and then have it disappear when I got rid of our archives in the blog move. No reason to waste my genius! (Sarcasm. Heavy sarcasm.)

In short: Happy New Year from our family to yours. Welcome to our new home. We hope you’ll leave a comment with your blog so we can be Internet Neighbors. Because, really, you should want to have a Fire Fighter as a neighbor. It’s safer that way.

If you saw this in your feed reader, can you let me know. I think the switch worked but, ah, who knows!


43 Replies to “A New Year”

  1. I saw this pop up in my feedreader and thought, “Who the heck is this and how did they get in my reader?” Because I have the memory of a goldfish. But now I’m here and it aaaallll makes sense..

    I like the name. :)

  2. Hey fire mom!
    yes, the new blog name showed up in my feed (bloglines.com)!

    I scratched my head, cause I KNEW I would have
    remembered adding such a great name to my feeds.
    Happy New Year, and many more happy ones.
    h.s. ema

  3. Congrats on the new site! Happy New Year! I also was confused
    who it was when this showed up in bloglines, but then I remembered.

    By the way, I love the dots.

  4. Oooh, thanks for commenting (everyone!) and letting me know that things are working. Although something seems wrong with my comment window… no? Strange. I’ll work on that when I get som etim which should be next to never. Maybe later this week!

  5. Hey I’ve been reading for a little while now, just wanted to let you know that I subscribe via bloglines and it works perfectly for me there! :) Happy New Year!

  6. Love it! My reader picked it up just fine. Happy New Year
    to you all! I’m happy to see you thriving and changing.
    :) Sara
    P.S. Do you have a twitter?

  7. I’d love linkies to any of the main three blogs – monavoir, my2centsreviews and/or momentsbynikkijo

    I’ll be updating my links to you with the new name – probably next week.

  8. I love the new blog name! Perfect.

    You are showing up great in my Google Reader, but I had to come over anyway to see the new site.

    Thanks for opening your blogroll and your blog to us unknown internet citizens.


  9. I love the new name :) And even better that you took the new year to make new names for everyone.. lol,I’m a bit change happy myself so I will try my best to stick with the same names this year and not confuse anyone :) Looking forward to reading you this year!

    Kelly’s last blog post..I would, would you?

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